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Graphic and Printing Services

Hi-Tech Nutraceuticals is one of the few companies in the nutraceutical industry that have in-house graphic design and flexographic printing equipment necessary to offer the best in flexographic label printing and packaging printing solutions available in the industry today. Many large supplement brands, business owners and retailers contract with us on a regular basis for all of their flexographic printing needs.

Hi-Tech Nutraceuticals is a manufacturer of prime pressure sensitive labels, tags and coupons. We at Hi-Tech Nutraceuticals understand the importance of product packaging. Quality printing does more than just give your product a name, it adds value by distinguishing your product from the competition. Through experience, professionalism and a commitment to customer service, we will become your printing company of choice.

Flexographic printing is a method of printing that is used on most packaging and that is also used to create labels. With flexographic printing, a plate is created containing the information you want printed on your packaging and that plate is then used in the flexographic label printing process. This form of printing produces the highest quality labels available. The fact that we offer this service on-site makes Hi-Tech Nutraceuticals your one-stop shop for graphic design, flexographic printing, labeling and packaging.
Unlike other nutrition manufacturers that sub contract flexographic label printing services, Hi-Tech Nutraceuticals works with companies of all sizes to help design eye-catching labels that will impress customers and will help your product stand out from the rest of the industry. Additionally all of our flexographic printing is completed in-house. This means you only need to contact one company for all of your flexographic printing needs, rather than working with third party printers. We also offer digital printing for many smaller brands that do not have the quantity needed to make flexographic printing affordable. Regardless of your size or needs Hi-Tech Nutraceuticals can meet your needs. Most printing jobs can be completed within 72 hours from the time of sign off on a proof from our in-house graphics department. The ability to turn labels so quickly will help shorten lead times on your production and enable you to carry lesser inventories!

Artwork & Design

Our in-house Art Department is fully compatible with Macintosh and PC formats. Artwork can be submitted on disk or via email or loaded onto our FTP site. . Please contact us if you have questions about the compatibility of your in-house software programs or file formats.

Hi-Tech Nutraceuticals brings today’s technology and state-of-the-art equipment to each and every one of our projects. Over the past 15 years, Hi-Tech Nutraceuticals has successfully delivered quality label products to the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, vitamin supplement, beverage, packaging, and health and beauty industries. Our knowledgeable staff offers experience, technical skills and creativity to help you determine the most effective solution for your project.

Printing Capabilities

  • Up to 8 colors in Letterpress or Flexographic
  • Ultraviolet Varnish (uses a color station)
  • Lamination
  • Two-sided printing up to 8 colors
  • In-line Rotary Hot Stamp
  • Cold Foil Stamp (uses a color station)
  • Image Setting
  • Screen Film Processing
  • Rewinders and Rewind Tables available
  • A Library of more than 1,000 die configurations
  • A wide variety of paper, films, foils, and cores in stock
  • Full range of Pantone color inks in stock

Maximum Web Width (Flexographic Press #1): 10”
Maximum Web Width (Flexographic Press #2): 13”
Maximum Web Width (Letterpress): 10”

We have a two Mark Andy flexo presses that range in width from 10” to 13” and have the capability of printing six to eight different colors. All presses are equipped with water-based and UV ink systems that allow extreme versatility - delivering a wide variety of effects when printing on different materials. Our presses have inline foil and emboss capability along with laminating and multiple die-cut stations. We also have a large selection of tooling to help our customers reduce their tooling costs and in some cases, eliminate those costs completely.

Equipment is an essential part of printing, but craftsmanship and knowledge is even more important. All of our pressman have many years of experience printing high quality labels, and because of that, they take great pride in the work they produce. They also take on the most difficult labels as a challenge instead of a burden. Because of this we are continually innovating new printing techniques and materials and have won many, many awards for our technical accomplishments.

We also have a staff of experienced pre-press technicians that are using the latest up-to-date pre-press equipment available. By producing excellent images and printing plates, we ensure that our pressmen have the finest tools to produce the best label possible. Our pre-press specialists are also talented artists who can help design your label or assist you with any graphic design needs you might have.
This combination of “man and machine” insures that Hi-Tech is able to consistently print the absolute best flexo label possible. Without one of these key components we would be just another printer. We know this, and that is why we continue to update, upgrade and consistently streamline and expand all aspects of our flexo printing.

Our experienced customer service team will help you select the right materials for your application. With thousands of dies available in-house as well as custom die cutting options; Hi-Tech Nutraceuticals can produce even your most demanding job. We have been instrumental in developing new label products and innovative solutions to meet our clients’ ever changing packaging needs. At Hi-Tech Nutraceuticals we can print up to 8 colors, with U.V. protection and multiple die cutting stations. We also offer full in house plate making, which not only keeps costs down but also ensures the fastest possible turnaround time.

Hi-Tech Nutraceuticals specializes in Nutritional Supplement Manufacturing, Dietary Supplement
Manufacturing, Private Label Nutritional Supplements, and Private Label Dietary Supplements.

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